Lagging Online Videos: Beyond Your Internet Connection

Lagging internet

Lagging Online Videos: Beyond Your Internet Connection

Streaming video content is great because you have to view fewer commercials, you can binge watch shows in an instant, and content libraries are filled with hundreds of shows and movies. One of the biggest problems when watching content on a computer, however, is dealing with lag times.
Videos sometimes buffer, freeze, or won’t load at any point. While internet connections or poor Wi-Fi connections are often blamed, connection issues are not always the problem. If you are constantly having problems with your internet connection, the problem may run deeper than your WiFi.
A repair specialist can help identify and eliminate problems so videos play smoothly every time. If you understand what specific reasons these problems may be occurring, you can get a better idea of the repair process needed for your device.
Malware & Viruses

Many people may use computers every day without realizing there is a virus present on their computers. The computer viruses can not only do harm to files and system installations, but the viruses can directly impact the way you browse online.
Malware and viruses are major resource killers on computers. Viruses may be constantly scanning, downloading, and accessing information. If this is the case, the Malware could have a direct impact on the way your computer operates.
Professional computer technicians can perform a full system scan and help eliminate any viruses plaguing your computer. The key to eliminating viruses is finding the root of the cause and preventing the problem from spreading. Not only will your videos play better online, but you will have an overall improved performance on the computer as a whole.
Along with eliminating viruses, computer technicians have the ability to install virus protection software so the problem does not occur again in the future.
Background Processes

While viruses can slow a computer down, sometimes viruses are not the only issue. Even when an internet browser is running, you may have dozens of unwanted applications running in the background.
Cloud operating software, automated software updates, and other software can take up a lot of your internet speed. Computer technicians can fix your device so these processes are minimized and the majority of internet speed is dedicated to your online video streaming.
The repairs and virus elimination process can also make a huge difference for downloading and uploading all types of video content. Some streaming websites offer offline content downloading so you can watch footage without an internet connection.
Graphics Cards & Video Drivers

In some cases, the performance of an online streaming website can be directly impacted by the graphics cards or video drivers you are using in a device. If the performance level is not great, then you can experience lag in these videos.
The audio may appear off, the videos may appear to have glitches, and a lot of the videos may not seem like they are in HD quality. To help with graphics card issues, a computer technician can help install and update the graphics card on your computer. Graphics card companies often update drivers with better software, but the updates are not installed automatically on the computer.
Upgraded video drivers can also make a huge difference in the way your current graphics card performs. New drivers will prevent the need to fully update the hardware in the system. In some cases, outdated video drivers cannot handle the types of videos played on current websites and through downloaded apps.
A technician has the ability to identify the graphics card you have and find the most up to date drivers.
Our computer technicians at Computer Medics can diagnose any problems and get your internet speed running as fast as possible for internet video.



Depending on the type of repair services needed, what the issues are with your PC, and what issues may arise with your PC, taking the time to find and hire the professional pc repair las vegas company to do the work on your PC is essential to getting the results you need, and the performance speeds you want as an owner. When deciding on a repair company, the PC owner has to take their time to compare a few professionals, the services they offer, and the prices they charge (per hour or flat rate), in order to ensure they choose the best.

In selecting a pc repair las vegas professional for the job, PC owners should consider:
– how long the repair techs will take to complete services;
– getting a proper diagnosis and quote prior to deciding to do the work on the PC;
– the price comparison and finding the experts which charge a flat rate;
– and making sure that the pc repair las vegas company knows how to work on all PC brands.
So, whether it is the blue screen error, or whether your PC has been infected with some type of virus, the top repair professionals should be able to handle the task.

No matter how bad the problems seem, or what errors you are getting when you start your PC up, if you find the top pc repair las vegas professional repair team to do the work they are going to be able to get your PC up and running in no time at all. So, knowing where to turn, and finding the repair techs which have the highest ratings for service and repair, in all areas of PC repair, should be some things a customer looks for prior to deciding which professional company to go with for the repair work.


For those who are in need of repair services for their laptop or notebook, there are certain factors to keep in mind when choosing where to go.

Depending on the issues you are dealing with from a virus, to freezing up, slow speeds, cracked screen, power consumption problems or something else, you want to make sure a laptop repair expert looks at it so the problem will be diagnosed and fixed correctly.

Even if you just need assistance with installing applications or programs, a top repair team is going to be able to make sure all applications are installed correctly with no conflicts, and your laptop is in out of the box running condition.

Many laptop repair companies also repair iphones, and other wireless devices these days. Be sure that the company you choose is on the cutting edge, not behind the times. It’s best to choose to work with a company that can handle all your needs, laptop, desktop, smartphone, networking, this way you know who you’re working with, and feel comfortable that you won’t get ripped off.

Depending on what type of laptop repair services you are looking for, considering the following will allow you to choose the best professionals:

  • Do they have over 20 good reviews
  • Are they listed on reputable review sites like Angie’s list
  • Are their prices reasonable
  • How long will it take them to complete the work
  • How good is their customer service (how do they treat you)
  • What is their response time if you have an emergency

Keeping all factors in mind, and keeping all things in perspective when you’re looking for the top laptop repair las vegas specialists, will ensure you will choose the right professional for the task.

Taking the time to find the best repair company that can handle any repair, or maintenance you may need is worth the extra time, before you hire someone to repair your laptop, or any of your other devices.

New ransomeware trojan locks your files till you pay


There is a new type of ransomware showing up. Similar to the FBI virus, this on is a bigger threat. Its purpose is to lock up your office files until you pay up and get the decryption key.

Ransomeware started popping up a few years ago with the FBI notification telling the end user that they will be subject to criminal prosecution id the did not pay a fine. From what we have uncovered about this new ransomeware, it seems once on the computer it creates two keys based on the computers ID. It also creates a new copy of a file ctfmon.exe or svchost.exe and injects it own code into them. The first of the encryption keys is used to encrypt communications with the command and control server. But the second key is the one causing the issue.

The second key is encrypted by the first, and sent to the “central server”. The server then determines which files should be locked up. It goes to work locking up files on the computer it then uses the second key to encrypt them. Once completed it pops up a message asking you to pay up and there is not much that can be done but to pay.

Currently Kaspersky, Trend and a couple of other major companies are working on a fix for this ransomware. But until it comes make sure you backup those files you cant do without.

Computer Repair Service That Comes To You

It seems like nothing today is made like it used to be, and that diffidently includes computers. Computer repair companies are busier than ever! A hard drive used to last the life of the computer, now days they go bad all the time. The same is true for monitors, video cards, and mother boards.

Add to that all the computer viruses, adware, and networking issues and you can see why computer repair services have their hands full.

So what do you do when you have a problem with your computer? Many of us spend countless hours trying to fix it ourselves, many times making the problem worse. Finally after days of messing with it we may call an expert.

What is your time worth to you?

The amount of time many of us spend trying to fix a problem ourselves adds up to more cost than it would be to just have an expert come out and fix it quickly and correctly.

But what type of computer repair service do you choose?

In a condensed city like New York your best option may be to unplug your computer walk a block to the local computer repair store and drop it off. In an area that is vastly spread out like Las Vegas, your best option is to have the computer repair company come to you.

Las Vegas computer repair services usually come to your home or business; it’s the same with other big sprawling cities like Los Angeles, or Cleveland. Most of us don’t have a computer repair store right next door to us.

There are many benefits of having a PC repair technician come to your home. They can usually diagnose the problem quickly, and have the problem fixed without you having to unplug everything, or take a chance on dropping something.

I’ve found that most problems can be fixed within 1 hour, and the average cost ranges from $75 – $90 per hour for service. Be sure that the company you choose has a lot of reviews, and that they get a high rating.

I’ve tried several Las Vegas computer repair companies, and I’ve always had the best luck with the ones that come to you, and have the highest ratings for reviews.

Services that most computer repair services provide:

·         PC repair

·         Laptop repair

·         Virus and Adware removal

·         Networking configuration and repair

·         Software setup and configuration

If you’re looking for a good computer repair service in Las Vegas NV, or in another city, your best bet is to go to Google and search for “Computer Repair Las Vegas NV” then read the reviews!

Ways to Pre-Diagnose your system

If you have ever had a system continually reboot on startup, then here are a couple of steps to pre-diagnose your system to make the recommended actions for repair. First step is to get to the boot menu screen for Windows. These steps do not apply to Mac. While the system is POSTing (Power on Self Test) start tapping the “f8” key on the keyboard. If a message appears that there is a keyboard error, just hit the key they indicate to continue and then keep pressing “f8”. The menu will appear showing options to boot into Safe Mode among other options. The option we are looking for is “Disable Automatic Restart”. This will stop the continuous reboot and display the page with the information that the technician needs to properly diagnose your system. Supply this information while scheduling your appointment, so the technician can have the necessary tools to repair your system. If this has happened to you, please call 270-4550 and schedule an appointment today!

FBI alert also known as the FBI malware virus

Computer medics have been receiving numerous call regarding a ransomware infection, known as the FBI Virus, that targets computer users in the United States. The FBI Virus infection will claim that the victim’s computer was involved in viewing child pornography and then demands payment of a $200 to $400 ‘fine’ to be sent via Money order or enter a voucher code. Of course, that a criminal charge as serious as child pornography would be punished with a mere couple hundred dollar fine is a joke. There is a reason for this, the FBI Virus is not really from the FBI. Rather, this message is actually part of a common malware scam.

The FBI Virus scam will use a “Winlocker”, that is, a malware infection that locks down Windows, preventing the user from connecting to the infected computer. The FBI message will claim that the FBI has blocked your computer because of the supposed criminal activities mentioned above and threatens to prosecute and block your access to your computer permanently unless you send them money. It goes on to say that you only have 48 hours to pay before they initiate legal proceedings that could lead to huge fines and possible jail time.

This intrusive message blocks the whole screen and resembles an Internet Explorer window. The FBI message is caused by a Trojan infection that also blocks access to the Windows Task Manager, Command Prompt, Desktop and other components that could potentially help you bypass this intrusive message. Fortunately, the FBI Virus scam is not particularly sophisticated or complicated to remove and, of course, FBI message has no relationship with the actual FBI (so you can relax about supposedly being in trouble with the law). The FBI Virus scam is a simple variant of a very common malware scam known as the Ukash Virus. The Ukash Virus mainly targets European computer systems. If you replace ‘FBI’ it is the same basic scam.

Dealing with the FBI Virus Scam

The FBI Virus is not difficult to remove. In fact, manual removal is simply a matter of removing its associated Windows Registry Entry and associated files. The main problem is gaining access to your computer system in the first place. To do this, Computer Medics recommend either starting Windows in Safe Mode or from an external memory device. From there, most reliable malware programs should be able to remove the FBI Virus with ease.